Allied Air Forces
Allied Air Forces October 17, 1944


MacArthur, Roosevelt, Nimitz, and Leahy In mid-summer 1944 President Roosevelt travelled to Hawaii to consult with General MacArthur and Admiral Nimitz regarding Pacific war strategy. The President arrived in Oahu on the heavy cruiser Baltimore on July 26. In conferences that afternoon on the Baltimore and the following morning at a residence in Waikiki General MacArthur gained presidential support for the liberation of the Philippine Islands arguing both the military and political perspectives. It is interesting that the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), who were questioning the military necessity of retaking the Philippines, were not part of the discussion.

In fact the JCS did not salute the President but continued to debate the matter. On 29 August General MacArthur issued the Musketeer II plan which was, in part, the basis for the timetable finally issued by the JCS on September 11:
  • 15 September, Southwest Pacific Forces occupy Morotai while Central Pacific forces occupy Peleliu.
  • 5 October, Central Pacific forces occupy Yap and later Ulithi
  • 15 October, Southwest Pacific Forces occupy Salebaboe Island.15 November, Southwest Pacific Forces occupy Sarangani Bay Mindano
  • 20 December, Southwest Pacific Forces occupy Leyte.
  • Southwest and Central Pacific forces would then combine to occupy either Luzon (20 February) or Formosa and Amoy (1 March).

On 26 August, Admiral Halsey took command of the ship and land based elements of the fleet in the forward area of the Pacific with the title of Commander, Western Naval Task Forces. During the last half of the war, he and Admiral Spruance shared command of the forces of the United States Navy on the main battle line in the Pacific, alternating periods of rest and planning with periods in operational control. Initially, the fleet conducted a series of raids in support of the invasions of Morotai and Pelelieu. Because of the weak Japanese response Halsey signaled Nimitz suggesting the cancellation of the Palau, Yap, Morotai, and Mindano landings. Nimitz concurred with Halsey, except with regard to the Morotai and Palau invasions and forwarded the recommendation to the JCS.  Halsey did not realize that the Japanese were conserving their strength for battles to come.

General MacArthur was under radio silence on the cruiser Nashville at the time on his way to observe the Morotai invasion. His chief of staff Lt. Gen Sutherland heard the 6th Army staff’s caution that conducting the Leyte invasion to the rainy season would necessary slow airfield development, but decided an aggressive position was warranted. Sutherland, in MacArthur’s name, advised the JCS that the Leyte invasion could be accomplished on 20 October. The JCS approved the Halsey-Nimitz-MacArthur proposal on 15 September. The Yap attack force was assigned to the Leyte operation. Ulithi was taken 23 September. Leyte was invaded on schedule.

An Island Too Far? Almost

In the end the Leyte invasion was successful, but at much greater difficulty than may have been anticipated by the generals and admirals. As the matter developed over the fall:

  • The Americans were advancing well beyond their land based air cover, not only cover from the south but also cover from the Western Carolines.
  • The Japanese would fight hard for the Philippines.  Halesy's suggestion was based on faulty logic. 
  • The weather would be a major hindrance in the developing airfield capacity on Leyte.  As a result the fleet would be required to cover the invasion for much longer than anticipated.
  • The Japanese would introduce the kamikaze, one of the most potent anti ship weapons of World War II.

The following order of battle is for the date 17 October, 1944. It presents the situation of Allied Air Forces in the Pacific just prior to the Leyte invasion and the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

Halsey's Command

On 17 October, the air elements Halsey's command consisted of the air elements of Third Fleet and Task Force 59, the land based air elements of the Forward Area of the Central Pacific. 

VP-26 PBM at SaipanThird Fleet air elements included:

  • Task Force 38 consisted of 9 heavy and 6 light fast carrier air groups.  The unit's Task Groups had rendezvoused on 7 October west of the Marianas and conducted air attacks on Okinawa, Formosa and the Philippines in preparation for the Leyte invasion.
  • Task Group 30.2 consisting of two fast light carrier air groups assigned the task of protecting ships damaged by Japanese air attacks. The group was dissolved 20 October and the carriers were returned to Task Groups 38.1 and 38.2 respectively.
  • Task Group 30.5, Fleet Air Wing 1, consisting of both tender based and land based patrol squadrons assigned the primary role of scouting for the Third Fleet.
  • Task Group 30.7 consisting of two specialized Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) escort carrier air groups.
  • Task Group 30.8, the Fleet Oiler Group, which included a number of escort carrier air groups assigned to protect the auxiliary force.  A number of additional CVEs were assigned the role of brining replacement aircraft to Task Force 38.

Two days after the Leyte invasion, on 22 October, Hancock was transferred to Task Group 38.1 which was dispatched to Ulithi for replenishment. In addition, Bunker Hill was also sent to Ulithi for more fighter aircraft. As a result, Third Fleet fought the Battle of Leyte Gulf on the 24 and 25 October with 11 of the 17 fast carriers assigned.

Task Force 59 was the land based Allied Air Force in the Forward Area of the Central Pacific. These units were organized both functionally and geographically as follows.

  • Task Group 59.1 was the Air Defense Command for the Marianas and included AAF fighters on Saipan and Marine Air Group 23 on Guam.
  • Task Group 59.2 was the AAF's VII Bomber Command, based Saipan and consisting primarily of three heavy bomb groups.
  • Task Group 59.4 was based on Marine Air Wing 4 and was the garrison air force for the Gilberts and Marshalls with the task of pounding bypassed Japanese garrisons in the area.
  • Task Group 59.5 was the area tactical transport command.
  • Task Group 59.6 was the garrison force for the recently conquered Western Carolines.

It is interesting to note that under the Musketeer II schedule, air units on the Western Carolines would have been in position to assist in the Leyte invasion. As it was airfields in the areas were completed on the following schedule:

  • Peleliu received its first aircraft on 24 September.
  • Anguar was opened for heavy bombers by 19 October and the 494th Bomb Group was established sufficiently to conduct its first bombing mission on 3 November.  It began support of the Philippine operations on 17 November.
  • Ulithii received its first aircraft 29 October.
Higher Headquarters Group Squadron Aircraft Commander or Location
Pacific Ocean Areas Admiral C.W. Nimitz
Western Naval Task Forces Admiral W. J. Halsey
Third Fleet  Admiral W. J. Halsey
Task Group 30.2 Covering damaged cruisers, "Baitdiv 1" R Adm L.J. Wiltse
CVLG-22 CVL-25 Cowpens
VF-22 23 F6F-5 CVL-25 Cowpens
VT-22 9 TBM-1C CVL-25 Cowpens
CVLG-31 CVL-28 Cabot
VF-31 23 F6F-3/5 CVL-28 Cabot
VT-31 9 TBM-1C CVL-28 Cabot
Task Group 30.5—Search, Reccon, and Photo Command Como D. Ketcham
Fleet Air Wing 1 Ulithi
Task Group 30.5.1 Palau
VPB-16 14 PBM-3D Palau-Yakutat
VPB-21 13 PBM-3D Palau-Mackinac
VPB-216 14 PBM-3D Palau-Pocomoke
VH-1 Det 5  PBM-3D Palau
Tenders at Palau--Chandleur, Pocomoke, Mackinac, Yakutat
Task Group 30.5.2 Saipan
VH-1 5  PBM-3D Saipan
VPB-4 16 PB2Y-3 Saipan
VPB-18 12 PBM-3D Saipan
VPB-24  16 PBY-5A Majuro
Tenders at Saipan-- Kenneth Whiting, Coos Bay, Shelikof
Task Group 30.5.4 Ulithi
VPB-202 No AC, PBM-3D Ulithi 
VPB-17 13 PBM-3D Ulithi
Tenders at Ulithi--Hamlin, Casco, Onslow
Task Group 30.5.3 Tinian
VPB-102 15 PB4Y-1 Tinian
VPB-116 15 PB4Y-1 Tinian
VPB-117 15 PB4Y-1 Tinian
VPB-150 16 PV-1 Tinian
VPB-151 15 PV-1 Tinian
Fleet Air Photo Group 2 Eniwetok
VD-4 5 PB4Y-1P, 4 PB2Y-3 Eniwetok
VD-4 Det 3 PB4Y-1P Guam
Task Group 30.7 3 Fleet ASW Units
VC-14 16 FM-2, 12 TBM-1C CVE-75 Hoggatt Bay
VC-82 16 FM-2, 12 TBM-1C CVE-57 Anzio
Task Group 30.8—Fleet Oiler Group 3 Fleet Replenishment CAP
VC-11 16 FM-2, 12 TBM-1C CVE-74 Nehenta Bay
VC-77 16 FM-2, 12 TBM-1C CVE-81 Rudyerd Bay
VC-79 16 FM-2, 12 TBM-1C CVE-83 Sergeant Bay
Task Force 38—Fast Carrier Task Force VAdm M. A. Mitscher
Task Group 38.1 VAdm J.S. McCain
CVG-11 CV-12 Hornet
VB-11 24 SB2C-3 CV-12 Hornet
VF-11 47 F6F-3/5, 4 N, 3 P CV-12 Hornet
VT-11 18 TBM-1C CV-12 Hornet
CVG-14 CV-18 Wasp
VB-14 25 SB2C-3, 10 F6F-3/5 CV-18 Wasp
VF-14 37 F6F-3/5, 4N, 2P CV-18 Wasp
VT-14 16 TBM-1C, 2 1D CV-18 Wasp
CVLG-28 CVL-26 Monterrey
VF-28 22 F6F-5, 2P CVL-26 Monterrey
VT-28 9 TBM-1C CVL-26 Monterrey
Task Group 38.2 RAdm G.F. Bogan
CVG-18 CV-11 Intrepid
VB-18 24 SB2C-3 CV-11 Intrepid
VF-18 48 F6F-5, 5 N, 3P CV-11 Intrepid
VT-18 18 TBM-1C CV-11 Intrepid
CVG-7 CV-19 Hancock
VB-7 12 SB2C-3, 12 3E CV-19 Hancock
VF-7 48 F6F-5, 4N, 2P CV-19 Hancock
VT-7 18 TBM-1C CV-19 Hancock
CVG-8 CV-17 Bunker Hill
VB-8 24 SB2C-1C CV-17 Bunker Hill
VF-8 46 F6F-3/5, 8N CV-17 Bunker Hill
VT-8 16 TBM-1C, 2 1D CV-17 Bunker Hill
CVLG(N)-41 CVL-22 Independence
VF(N)-41 15 F6F-5N/3/5 CVL-22 Independence
VT(N)-41 7 TBM-1D CVL-22 Independence
Task Group 38.3 RAdm F.C. Sherman
CVG-15 CV-9 Essex
VB-15 24 SB2C-3 CV-9 Essex
VF-15 47 F6F-3/5, 4N, 2P CV-9 Essex
VT-15 16 TBM-1C CV-9 Essex
CVG-19 CV-16 Lexington
VB-19 30 SB2C-3 CV-16 Lexington
VF-19 32 F6F-3/5, 4N, 2P CV-16 Lexington
VT-19 18 TBM-1C CV-16 Lexington
CVLG-27 CVL-23 Princeton
VF-27 23 F6F-3/5 CVL-23 Princeton
VT-27 9 TBM-1C CVL-23 Princeton
CVLG-44 CVL-27 Langley
VF-44 24 F6F-3/5 CVL-27 Langley
VT-44 9 TBM-1C CVL-27 Langley
Task Group 38.4 RAdm R.E. Davidson
CVG-13 CV-13 Franklin
VB-13 28 SB2C-3 CV-13 Franklin
VF-13 29 F6F-5, 4N, 4P CV-13 Franklin
VT-13 18 TBM-1C CV-13 Franklin
CVG-20 CV-6 Enterprise
VB-20 22 SB2C-3 CV-6 Enterprise
VF-20 49 F6F-5, 4N CV-6 Enterprise
VT-20 18 TBM-1C CV-6 Enterprise
CVLG-21 CVL-24 Bellau Wood
VF-21 24 F6F-5 CVL-24 Bellau Wood
VT-21 9 TBM-1C, 1 1D CVL-24 Bellau Wood
CVLG-51 CVL-30 San Jacinto
VF-51 23 F6F-3/5 CVL-30 San Jacinto
VT-51 9 TBM-1C CVL-30 San Jacinto
Forward Area Central Pacific V Adm J. H. Hoover
Task Force 59—Shore Based Aircraft M Gen W. H. Hale, USAAF
Task Group 59.1—Marianas Air Defense Command B Gen T.J. Cushman, USMC
318 Fighter Group Saipan
19th Fighter 27 P-47 D Saipan
333rd Fighter 27 P-47 D Saipan
73rd Fighter 28 P-47 D Saipan
6th Night Fighter Det 6 P-61 Saipan
28th Photo  4 F-5 Saipan
Marine Air Group 21 Guam
VMF(N)-534 14 F6F-N Guam
VMF-216 20 F4U-1 Guam
VMF-217 20 F4U-1 Guam
VMF-225 21 F4U-1 Guam
VMF-321 21 F4U-1 Guam
VMTB-131 20 TBM-1C Guam
VMTB-242 20 TBF-1C Tinian
Task Group 59.2—VII Bomber Command B Gen T.H. Landon
86th Combat Mapping 13 F-7 Saipan
11 Bomb  Group Kwajalein
26th Bomb 12 B-24 Kwajalein
42nd Bomb 12  B-24 Guam
431st Bomb 12 B-24 Kwajalein
98th Bomb 12 B-24 Kwajalein
494 Bomb Group Waiting to go to Anguar Saipan
864th Bomb 12 B-24 Saipan
865th Bomb 12 B-24 Saipan
866th Bomb 12 B-24 Saipan
867th Bomb 12 B-24 Saipan
30 Bomb Group Saipan
27th Bomb 12 B-24 Saipan
38th Bomb 12 B-24 Saipan
392nd Bomb 12 B-24 Saipan
819th Bomb 12 B-24 Saipan
Task Group 59.4—Garrison Force Marshalls M Gen L.E. Woods
4th Marine Air Base Defense Wing Kwajalein
VS-66 12 SBD-5 Tarawa
VMF-111 32 F4U-1/1D Makin
Marine Air Group 13 Majuro
VMBF-231 24 F4U-1D Majuro
VMBF-331 24 F4U-1D Majuro
VMSB-245 24 SBD-6 Majuro
VMF-441 21 F4U-1 Majuro
VMO-155 22 F4U-1D Majuro
Marine Air Group 22 Eniwetok
VMF(N)-533 15 F6F-N Eniwetok
VMF-113 24 F4U-1D Eniwetok
VMF-422 23 F4U-1 Eniwetok
VMSB-151 23 SBD-5 Eniwetok
VPB-22 15 PBM-3D Eniwetok
VPB-23 15 PBY-5A Eniwetok
Marine Air Group 31 Roi
VMF-224 22 F4U-1 Roi
VMF-311 22 F4U-1 Roi
VPB-133 15 PV-1 Roi
VS-52 12 SBD-5 Roi
Task Group 59.5—Transport Air Group Guam
VMR-253 16 R4D-5 Guam
Task Group 59.6—Garrison Force Western Carolines B Gen H.D. Campbell
Marine Air Wing 2 Forward Peleliu
Marine Air Group 11 Peleliu
VMF(N)-541 13 F6F-N Peleliu
VMF-114 21 FG-1A Peleliu
VMF-122 21 FG-1 Peleliu
VMTB-134 24 TBM-1C Peleliu
28th Photo Det 3 F-5 Peleliu
Marine Air Group 11 Air Moving to Peleliu Emirau
VMF-121 24 FG-1 Emirau
VMR-952 15 R5C-1 Emirau
Marine Air Group 45 Air Moving to Ulithi Pityilu
VMF(N)-542 Air 15 F6F-N Pityilu
VMF-312 Air 27 FG-1 Pityilu
VMTB-232 Air 22 TBM-1C Pityilu

Admiral Nimitz's other Commands

Admiral Nimitz also commanded both the North and South Pacific areas as well as the rear area in the Central Pacific. 

Vice Admiral Murray, was Commander of the Air Forces of the Pacific Fleet and for the lack of more precise information all of the air units in the rear area of the Central have been assigned to him. These units include:

  • Air groups on aircraft carriers in the pipeline moving toward combat in the Western Pacific. On 17 October this included Cardiv 29, 4 escort carriers and their squadrons which departed San Diego 16 October and arrived at Ulithi 5 November. It also included Air Group 80 on Ticonderoga and Air Group 3 on Yorktown that were training in the Hawaiian Island and would join the Third Fleet on 29 October and 3 November respectively.
  • Air squadrons and groups preparing to replace units on carriers already in the Western Pacific.  These included Air Group 4, Air Group 81, and Air Group 29 which would soon be assigned to Bunker Hill, Wasp and Cabot. 
  • Specialized night air units including VF(N)-106 which was about to decommission and Night Air Group 90 which was preparing for service on Enterprise.
  • Marine Air Wing 3, controlling marine air units in Hawaii and Midway.
  • Fleet Air Wing 2, controlling patrol aviation units in Hawaii preparing to move to combat areas.
  • 7th Air Force, responsible for air defense of Hawaii.

Admiral Nimitz commanded both the North and South Pacific areas as well as the rear area in the Central Pacific.  In the North Pacific Vice Admiral Fletcher was in command with the Eleventh Air Force and Fleet Air Wing 4 engaged in harassing the Japanese in the Kurilies.  In the South Pacific Real Admiral Newton commanded USN and RNZAF squadrons, stationed south of Munda, in what had become a rear area. The Navy was conducting an operational test of television controlled drones conducting one way attack missions on bypassed Japanese units.  The RNZAF maintained a strong presence, including an aircraft assembly depot on Espiritu Santo.  At this time this depot contained approximately 62 F4U-1D and 66 F4U-1.

In New Zealand the RNZAF was responsible for rehabilitation, training, and equipping combat units.  In New Zealand the RNZAF maintained approximately 20 Catalina, 33 Hudson, 24 Ventura, 22 F4U-1, 17 F4U-1D, 31 SBD-3, 9 SBD-4, 16 TBF-1C, 6 TBF-1, 9 Vincent, 20 P-40 E, 9 P-40 K, 14 P-40 M, and 101 P-40 N.

Air Force Pacific Fleet V Adm G.D. Murray
VC-84 16 FM-2, 11 TBM-3, 1 3P CVE-93 Makin Is
VC-85 16 FM-2, 11 TBM-3, 1 3P CVE-94 Lunga Pt.
VC-86 16 FM-2, 11 TBM-3, 1 3P CVE-95 Bismark Sea
VC-87 16 FM-2, 11 TBM-3, 1 3P CVE-96 Salamua 
VC-83 14 FM-2, 12 TBM-1C NAS Kaneohe
VC-90 16 FM-2, 11 TBM-3 NAS Kaneohe
VC-92 7 FM-2, 3 TBM-3 NAS Kaneohe
VC-88 No AC, FM, TBM Hawaii
VC-91 No AC, FM, TBM Hawaii
VF(N)-106[2] 16 F6F-3/5 N NAS Barbers Point 
CVG(N)-90 NAS Barbers Point
VF(N)-90 14F6F-5N, 1 5P NAS Barbers Point
VT(N)-90 4 TBM-1D NAS Barbers Point
CVG-100—Operational Training Unit NAS Barbers Point
VB-100 45 Various SB2C, 9 SBD-5 NAS Barbers Point
VF-100 44 Various F6F, 36 FM-2 NAS Barbers Point
VT-100 27 Various TBM/F NAS Barbers Point
CVG-4 Ulithi
VB-4 No AC, SB2C Ulithi
VF-4 No AC,  F6F Ulithi
VT-4 No AC, TBM Ulithi
CVG-81 Enrt Guam 
VB-81 No AC, SB2C Enrt Guam
VF-81 No AC,  F6F Enrt Guam
VT-81 No AC, TBM Enrt Guam
CVG-9 Hawaii
VB-9 No AC, SB2C Hawaii
VF-9 No AC,  F6F Hawaii
VT-9 No AC, TBM Hawaii
CVG-99—Operational Training Unit Eniwetok
VB-99 26 SB2C-1C, 2 F6F-3 Eniwetok
VF-99 9 F6F-3, 12 FM-1, 1 F4U-1D Eniwetok
VT-99 7 TBM-1C Eniwetok
CVLG-29 Puunene, TH
VF-29 21 F6F-3/5 Puunene, TH
VT-29 9 TBM/F-1C Puunene, TH
CVLG-45 Kahukui, TH
VF-45 23 F6F-3 Kahukui, TH
VT-45 11 TBM-1C Kahukui, TH
CVLG-46 NAS Kaneohe
VF-46 No AC F6F NAS Kaneohe
VT-46 10 TBM-1C NAS Kaneohe
CVG-3 CV-10 Yorktown
VF-3 35 F6F-5, 2 3P CV-10 Yorktown
VB-3 36 SBW-3 CV-10 Yorktown
VT-3 18 TBM-1C CV-10 Yorktown
CVG-80 CV-14 Ticonderoga
VF-80 49 F6F-5, 4 5N, 2 5P CV 14 Ticonderoga
VB-80 24 SB2C-3 CV-14 Ticonderoga
VT-80 18 TBM-3 CV-14 Ticonderoga
Central Pacific Combat Transport Command Hawaii
19th Troop Carrier 24 C-47 John Rodgers, TH
9th Troop Carrier 24 C-47 Saipan
VMR-953 16 R5C-1 Ewa
Marine Air Group 15 Kwajalein
VMR-252 16 R5C-1 Kwajalein
VMR-353 16 R4D-5 Kwajalein
Utility Wing PacFlt NAS Pearl Harbork
VJ-3 33 SBD, R5O, JRB, JRF, TDC     Puunene, TH
VJ-7 24 PV, TBM, JM, JRB, JRF,  NAS Pearl Harbor
Air Fleet Marine Force Pacific M Gen F.P. Mulcahy
Marine Air Wing 3 Ewa
Marine Air Group 23 Midway
VPB-128 Det 6 PV-1 Midway
VMSB-333 23 SBD-5 Midway 
VMF-314 21 F4U-1 Midway
VMF-324 22 F4U-1 Midway
Marine Air Group 32 Ewa
VMF-124 21F4U-1/1A/1D Ewa
VMF-213 22 F4U-1/1A Ewa
VMSB-332 37 SB2C-1C Ewa
VMSB-343                                                      24  SB2C-3 Ewa
Fleet Air Wing 2 NAS Kaneohe
VD-5                                                                9 PB4Y-1 P NAS Barbers Point
FAW 2 Group 2 NAS Kaneohe
VPB-100 8 PBY-5, 8 PBY-5A NAS Kaneohe
VPB-19 15 PBM-3D NAS Kaneohe
VPB-20 15 PBM-3D NAS Kaneohe
VPB-25 15 PBM-3D NAS Kaneohe
VPB-104 15 PB4Y-1 NAS Kaneohe
VPB-111 15 PB4Y-1 NAS Kaneohe
VPB-128 15 PV-1 NAS Kaneohe
VPB-137 15 PV-1 NAS Kaneohe
VPB-200 45 PB4Y-1, 15 PV-1 NAS Kaneohe
VPB-71 15 PBY-5A NAS Kaneohe
VS-46 12 SBD-5 NAS Pearl Harbor
VS-47 17 SBD-4 Johnston & Palmyra
VS-53 18 SBD-5 NAS Pearl Harbor
VS-69 18 SBD-5 NAS Pearl Harbor
7 Air Force M Gen R.W. Douglass
41 Bomb Group Wheeler Field, TH
396th Bomb 24 B-25 Wheeler, TH
47th Bomb 24 B-25 Wheeler, TH
48th Bomb 24 B-25 Wheeler, TH
820th Bomb 24 B-25 Wheeler, TH
7 Fighter Wing Ft. Shafter, TH
  VII Fighter Command Brig Gen Ernest Moore
28th Photo                                                      8 F-5 Kualoa, TH
6th Night Fighter 12 P-61 John Rodgers, TH
548th Night Fighter                                          15 P-61 Kipapa, TH
15 Fighter Group Bellows Field, TH
45th Fighter 36 P-47 Mokulaei, TH
47th Fighter 36 P-47 Bellows, TH
78th Fighter 36 P-47 Bellows, TH
21 Fighter Group Mokuleia Field, TH
46th Fighter 30 P-38 Mokuleia, TH
531st Fighter 30 P-38 Mokuleia, TH
72nd Fighter 30 P-38 Mokuleia, TH
North Pacific Force V Adm F.J Fletcher
11 Air Force M Gen Davenport Johnson
54th Troop Carrier 20 C-47 Elmendorf, AK
28 Composite Group Shemya, AK
404th Bomb 12 B-24 Shemya, AK
77th Bomb 24 B-25 NAF Attu
343 Fighter Group Alexai Point, AK
11th Fighter 30 P-40 N Adak, AK
18th Fighter 30 P-40 N NAF Attu
344th Fighter 30 P-40 N Shemya, AK
54th Fighter 29 P-38 NAF Attu
Fleet Air Wing 4 NAF Attu
VPB-131  12 PV-1 NAF Attu
VPB-135 No AC, PV-1 NAF Attu
  VPB-136 11 PV-1 NAF Attu
VPB-43 12 PBY-5A NAF Attu
VPB-61 12 PBY-5A Adak, Dutch Harbor, Kodiak, Amchitka
VS-48 6 SBD-5 Kodiak, Attu, Amchitka
VS-49 13 OS2U-3 Dutch Harbor, Otter Pt.
VS-56 15 OS2U-3 Adak, Attu, Kiska
VS-70 13 OS2U-3 Kodiak, Cold Bay
South Pacific Force R Adm J.H. Newton
COMAIR SOPAC Guadalcanal
Fleet Air Wing 2-Group 1 Espiritu Santo
VJ-8 16 Various Utility Efate
VJ-11 19 Various Utililty Efate
VJ-12 Various Utility Guadalcanal
VS-57 15 SBD-5 Noumea
VS-65 17 SBD-5 Funafuti
VPB-54 8 PBY-5A Espiritu Santo
4 Reccon Group Guadalcanal
Marine Air Wing 2 M Gen J.T. Moore
VMB-611 16 PBJ-1D Espiritu Santo
VMB-612 16 PBJ-1 D Espiritu Santo
Marine Air Group 33                                                             Espiritu Santo
VMF-322 24 F4U-1D Emirau, 
VMF-323 24 F4U-1D Emirau, 
No. 1 RNZAF Group A Cdre R. Clark-Hall
RNZAF Espiritu Santo Espiritu Santo
No. 15 NZAF Sq 6 F4U-1D, 12 F4U-1 Espiritu Santo
No. 23 NZAF Sq 18 F4U-1D Espiritu Santo
No. 5 NZAF Sq 12 Catalina Espiritu Santo
RNZAF Fiji   Nandi Field, Fiji Is
No. 4 NZAF Sq 18 Ventura Nandi Field, Fiji Is
Utility Flights 18 Hudson Nandi Field, Fiji Is[15]
No. 3 RNZAF Op Tr Unit 8 Catalina Lauthala Bay, Fiji Is.
RNZAF Guadalcanal Guadalcanal
No. 1 NZAF Sq 18 Ventura Guadalcanal
No. 6 NZAF Sq 12 Catalina Halavo Bay
No. 18 NZAF Sq 18 F4U-1 Guadalcanal
No. 20 NZAF Sq 18 F4U-1 Guadalcanal
HQ Royal New Zealand Air Force Auckland, NZ
No. 14 NZAF Sq 12 F4U-1 Ardmore, New Zealand
No. 16 NZAF Sq 6 F4U-1 Ardmore, New Zealand
No. 19 NZAF Sq 12 F4U-1D Ardmore, New Zealand4
No. 2 NZAF Sq 12 Ventura Whenuapai, New Zealand
No. 21 NZAF Sq 6 F4U-1 Ardmore, New Zealand
No. 24 NZAF Sq 12 F4U-1D Ardmore, New Zealand
No. 25 NZAF Sq 6 F4U-1 Ardmore, New Zealand
No. 40 NZAF Sq 18 Dakota  Whenuapai, NZ
No. 41 NZAF Sq 15 Lodestar  Whenuapai, NZ
No. 8 NZAF Sq 12 Ventura Whenuapai, New Zealand
No. 9 NZAF Sq 12 Ventura Whenuapai, New Zealand
No. 1 NZAF Op Tr Unit Ventura, Hudson Ohakea, NZ
No 2 NZAF Op Tr Unit P-40, F4U Ohakea, NZ
No. 4 NZAF Op Tr Unit P-40, F4U  Ohakea, NZ


General MacArthur's Air Commands

Vice Admiral Kinkaid was the commander of the 7th Fleet under Southwest Pacific Area commander General MacArthur. Administratively, the 7th Fleet was responsible for all Navy and Marine air units in the theatre, but operationally the Fleet controlled only the ships of the fleet and escort carrier force. Tender and Land based Naval and Marine aviation units were under the operational control of General Kenny’s Allied Air Force Headquarters.

General Kenny commanded the Allied Air Force as well as the U.S. Far East Air Force. This distinction was more administrative than operational. Because of the rapid Allied advance during 1944, these combat air units were stretched east and southeast from Morotai to Munda for more than 2000 miles. Some of these were assigned to neutralize and conquer bypassed Japanese garrisons, but most were waiting for forward airfields to be developed. By the end of the year most of these units would be concentrated and engaged. The FEAF headquarters controlled both an operational training unit (FEAF Combat Crew Replacement Training Center), which had the combat assignment of raiding bypassed Japanese, and the regular route in theatre air line(5298 Troop Carrier Wing (Provisional)).

In addition to aircraft in combat units the FEAF controlled approximately 188 B-24, 143 B-25, 127 A-20, 116 P-38, 40 P-40, 94 P-47, 41 P-51, 3 P-61, 27 F-5, 7 F-7, 21 C-46, 257 C-47, 1 Other Heavy Transport, 54 Light Transports, 32 Other recon, 7 Basic Trainers, 176 2nd Line Heavy Bombers, 192 2nd Line Medium Bombers, 53 2nd Line Attack Bombers, 312 2nd Line Fighters, and 71 2nd Line Recon aircraft. These aircraft were in maintenance depots, training units, reserve pools, or being used administratively.

Kenny’s naval tender based naval patrol units under Rear Admiral Wegner’s Task Force 73, which included two Fleet Air Wings. The first Leyte based air units would be two navy PBY squadrons that were standing by at Mios Wodeni near Biak. They would join the tenders Half Moon and San Carlos in Leyte Gulf on 23 October. This force also included PBY squadrons at Morotai. These units were assigned to sea control activities; including scouting, anti submarine warfare, and night attack missions.

Photo HutchinsonLt. General Whitehead’s Fifth Air Force was the assault Air Force for the Leyte invasion. Its mission was to develop airfields on Leyte and relieve the Navy of the responsibility for covering the invasion and supporting the 6th Army. Brig. General Hutchinson and his 308th Bomb Wing Headquarters would command all FEAF forces assigned to Leyte for the first month of the invasion.The 49th Fighter Group (P-38) and the 421st Night Fighter Squadron (P-61) were the first units assigned to Leyte.

Maj. General Streett’s Thirteenth Air Force was consolidated between Morotai and Noemfor having recently completed support for both the conquest of western New Guinea and the FEAF heavy bomber campaign against Balikpapan. The RAAF’s No. 10 Group under Air Commodore Cobby was assigned to the Thirteenth Air Force.

Air Vice Marshall Bostock commanded RAAF Command. This Air Force was responsible for Australia and Eastern New Guinea. It conducted the air war from Darwin against Japanese Forces in the NEI. It also was responsible for control of bypassed Japanese on New Guinea.

The RAAF maintained approximately 5 Do 24 K, 30 Dakota, 2 DH-86 A, 5 DH-89, 57 DH-84,27 B-24 L, 13 B-24 J, 53 Hudson,13 A-20 A, 3 A-20 C, 6 A-20 G, 16 B-25 D, 52 Ventura, 8 Mosquito FB.40, 335 Beaufort, 7 Beaufort Transport, 10 Helldiver,227 Vengeance, 62 P-40 M, 75 P-40 N,28 P-40 K, 26 P-40 E, 112 Boomerang, 22 Catalina, 2 Kingfisher, 23 Beaufighter X, 43 Beaufighter 21, 6 Beaufighter XIC,22 Beaufighter VC, 21 Beaufighter IC , 21 Spitfire HF.VIII, 97 Spitfire LF.VIII, 10 Spitfire F VIII, and 87 Spitfire F.VC in depots and non operational units.

Marine Major General Mitchell commanded AIRNORSOLS an Air Force made up of his Marine Air Wing 1 and New Zealand units. Its missions included control of the large Japanese outpost at Rabaul, ground support for the army on Bougainville, and air defense of the naval base at Manus. Under Musketeer II, General Mitchell and Marine Air Wing 1 would have moved forward to manage the invasion of Mindano on 15 November. As it was this operation was cancelled and General Mitchell and his Wing got stuck on Bougainville for the rest of the war. The Army Air Forces used Brigadier Generals for air units larger than Major General Mitchell’s wing, so his squadrons went forward to fight but he and his headquarters did not. New Zealand Group Captain (later Air Commodore) Roberts had established the New Zealand Air Task Force to take over on the departure of the Marine Air Wing 1, but this change was delayed until the end of the war as well.

7th Fleet V Adm T.C. Kinkaid
Task Group 77.4 R Adm T.L. Sprague
Task Group 77.4.1 “Taffy 1” R Adm T.L. Sprague
CVLG-26 CVE-29 Santee
VF-26 26 FM-2 CVE-29 Santee
VT-26 8 TBF/M-1C CVE-29 Santee
CVLG-35 CVE-28 Chenango
VF-35 18 F6F-3 CVE-28 Chenango
VT-35 8 TBM-1C CVE-28 Chenango
CVLG-37 CVE-26 Sangamon
VF-37 22 F6F-3/5 CVE-26 Sangamon
VT-37 9 TBM-1C CVE-26 Sangamon
CVLG-60 CVE-27 Suwannee
VF-60 21 F6F-3 CVE-27 Suwannee
VT-60 9 TBM-1C CVE-27 Suwannee
Task Group 77.4.2 “Taffy 2” R Adm F.B. Stump
VC-76 18 FM-2, 12  TBM-1C CVE-80 Petrof Bay[1] 
VC-78 15 FM-2, 12  TBM-1C CVE-82 Saginaw Bay[2] 
VC-20 15 FM-2, 12 TBM-1C CVE-76 Kadashan Bay
VC-21 18 FM-2, 12 TBM-1C CVE-77 Marcus Is
VC-27 15 FM-2, 12 TBM-1C CVE-78 Savo Is
VC-75 17 FM-2, 12 TBM-1C CVE-79 Ommany Bay
VC-80 18 FM-2, 12 TBM-1C CVE-61 Manila Bay
VC-81 18 FM-2, 12 TBM-1C CVE-62 Natoma Bay
Task Group 77.4.3 “Taffy 3” R Adm A.F. Sprague
VC-10 18 FM-2, 10 TBM-1C CVE-73 Gambier Bay
VC-3 16 FM-2, 12 TBF/M-1C CVE-68 Kalinin Bay
VC-4 12 FM-2, 12 TBM-1C CVE-66 White Plains
VC-5 18 FM-2, 11 TBM-1C CVE-71 Kitkun Bay
VC-65 15 FM-2, 11 TBM-1C CVE-63 Midway
VC-68 17 FM-2, 11 TBM-1C CVE-70 Fanshaw Bay
Allied AF SWPA Lt Gen G.C. Kenny
U.S. Far East Air Force Lt Gen G.C. Kenny
FEAF Combat Replacement Crew Training Center Nadzab, NG
Provisional B-24 Squadron B-24 Nadzab, NG
Provisional B-25 Squadron B-25 Nadzab, NG
Provisional A-20 Squadron A-20 Nadzab, NG
Provisional P-38 Squadron P-38 Nadzab, NG
Provisional P-47 Squadron P-47 Nadzab, NG
Provisional P-51 Squadron P-51 Nadzab, NG
Provisional P-61 Squadron P-61 Nadzab, NG
Provisional P-40  Squadron P-40 Nadzab, NG
  5299 Troop Carrier Wing (Provisional) Bisbane, Qld
22nd Troop Carrier 19 C-47 Finschaven, NG
33rd Troop Carrier 19 C-47 Hollandia, NG
68th Troop Carrier 14 C-47 Nadzab, NG
66th Troop Carrier 14 C-47 Nadzab, NG
69th Troop Carrier 14 C-47 Nadzab, NG
Australian National Airwys 5 C-49, 2 DC-3 Hollandia, NG
Ansett Airways 2 L-10 Hollandia, NG
Quantas Airways 3 C-53 Hollandia, NG
Guinea Airways 2 C-50 Hollandia, NG
Task Force 73-Naval Air Seventh Fleet R Adm F.D. Wagner
VJ-2 J2F, PBY, BG, BT, SNJ Brisbane, Qld
Fleet Air Wing 10 Tacloban, Leyte
VPB-33—Half Moon 15 PBY-5A Mios Woedeni 
VPB-34—San Carloss 12 PBY-5 Mios Woedeni
                     Fleet Air Wing 17 Mios Woedeni, Schouten Is
VPB-11 8 PBY-5 Morotai—AVP Orca
VPB-29 8 PBY-5 Morotai—AV Tangier
VPB-52 4 PBY-5 Hollandia
VPB-52 Detachment 4 PBY-5 Morotai
13 Air Force M Gen S.C. Streett
17th Photo 4 F-5 Noemfoor
868th Bomb  11 LAB-24 Noemfoor 
394th Bomb 9 B-24 Noemfoor 
72nd Bomb 9 B-24 Noemfoor 
307 Bomb Group Noemfoor
370th Bomb 10 B-24 Noemfoor
371st Bomb 10 B-24 Noemfoor
372nd Bomb 10 B-24 Noemfoor
424th Bomb 10 B-24 Noemfoor
XIII Bomber Command B Gen W.A. Matheny
5 Bomb Group Morotai
23rd Bomb 10 B-24 Morotai 
31st Bomb 10 B-24 Morotai 
No. 10 RAAF Group ACDRE A.H. Cobby
No. 77 RAAF Wing Noemfoor
No. 22 RAAF Sq 18 Boston (A-20 G) Noemfoor
No. 30 RAAF Sq 18 Beaufighter X Noemfoor
No. 78 RAAF Wing Noemfoor
No. 75 RAAF Sq 25 Kittyhawk Noemfoor
No. 78 RAAF Sq 25 Kittyhawk Noemfoor
No. 80 RAAF Sq 25 Kittyhawk Noemfoor
No. 81 RAAF Wing Noemfoor
No. 76 RAAF Sq 25 Kittyhawk Noemfoor
No. 77 RAAF Sq 25 Kittyhawk Noemfoor
No. 82 RAAF Sq 25 Kittyhawk Noemfoor
13th Air Task Force B Gen E.W. Barnes
XIII Fighter Command Sansapor, New Guinea
17th Photo Det  4 F-5 Sansapor, NG
42 Bomb Group Sansapor, New Guinea
100th Bomb 17 B-25 Sansapor, New Guinea
390th Bomb 17 B-25 Sansapor, New Guinea
69th Bomb 17 B-25 Sansapor, New Guinea
        70th Bomb 16 B-25 Sansapor, New Guinea
75th Bomb 16 B-25 Sansapor, New Guinea
86 Fighter Wing Sansapor, NG
419th Night Fighter 6 P-61 Middleberg, NG
     18 Fighter Group Sansapor, New Guinea
12th Fighter 21 P-38 Sansapor, New Guinea
44th Fighter 20 P-38 Cape Opmarai, NG
70th Fighter 20 P-38 Sansapor, New Guinea
347 Fighter Group Middleburg, New Guinea
339th Fighter 20 P-38 Middleberg, NG
67th Fighter 20 P-38 Middleberg, NG
68th Fighter 20 P-38 Middleberg, NG
5TH Air Force M Gen E.C. Whitehead
54 Troop Carrier Wing B Gen W.R. Carter
403 Troop Carrier Group Biak
13th Troop Carrier 16 C-47 Wakde
63rd Troop Carrier 16 C-47 Wakde
64th Troop Carrier 16 C-47 Wakde
375 Troop Carrier Group Biak, NG
55th Troop Carrier 17 C-47 Biak, NG
56th Troop Carrier 17 C-47 Biak, NG
57th Troop Carrier 18 C-47 Biak, NG
58th Troop Carrier 18 C-47 Biak, NG
374 Troop Carrier Group Biak, NG
21st Troop Carrier 14 C-47 Biak, NG
6th Troop Carrier 14 C-47 Nadzab, NG
433 Troop Carrier Biak, NG
65th Troop Carrier 14 C-47 Nadzab, NG
70th Troop Carrier 16 C-47 Hollandia, NG
317 Troop Carrier Group Hollandia, NG
67th Troop Carrier 16 C-47 Hollandia, NG
39th Troop Carrier 16 C-47 Hollandia, NG
40th Troop Carrier 15 C-47 Hollandia, NG
41st Troop Carrier 15 C-47 Hollandia, NG
46th Troop Carrier 15 C-47 Hollandia, NG
91 Reccon Wing   Biak
6 Photo  Group Biak
20th Photo 13 F-7 Biak, NG
25th Photo 12 F-5 Biak, NG
26th Photo 12 F-5 Biak, NG
8th Photo 12 F-5 Biak, NG
71 Reccon Group Biak
110th Reccon 23 P-40 N Biak, NG
17th Reccon 16 B-25 Biak, NG
25th Liaison 12 L-5 Biak, NG
308 Bomb Wing B Gen D. W. Hutchison
3 Bomb Group Hollandia, NG
13th Bomb 16 A-20 Hollandia, NG
89th Bomb 16 A-20 Hollandia, NG
8th Bomb 16 A-20 Hollandia, NG
90th Bomb 16 A-20 Hollandia, NG
312 Bomb Group Hollandia, NG
386th Bomb 16 A-20 Hollandia, NG
387th Bomb 16 A-20 Hollandia, NG
388th Bomb 16 A-20 Hollandia, NG
389th Bomb 15 A-20 Hollandia, NG
309 Bomb Wing Col J.W. Saunders
348 Fighter Group Noemfoor
340th Fighter 26 P-47 Noemfoor
341st Fighter 26 P-47 Noemfoor
342nd Fighter 26 P-47 Noemfoor
460th Fighter 26 P-47 Noemfoor
417 Bomb Group Noemfoor
672nd Bomb 20 A-20 Noemfoor
673rd Bomb 19 A-20 Noemfoor
674th Bomb 19 A-20 Noemfoor
675th Bomb 19 A-20 Noemfoor
58 Fighter Group Noemfoor
310th Fighter 24 P-47 Noemfoor
311th Fighter 24 P-47 Noemfoor
69th Fighter 25 P-47 Noemfoor
310 Bomb Wing B Gen D.R. Hutchinson
 82nd Reccon                  20 P-40 N Biak, NG
418th Night Fighter  6  P-61 Morotai
VPB-101 12 PB4Y-1 Morotai
VPB-115 12 PB4Y-1 Morotai
VPB-146 12 PV-1 Moving to Morotai 19 Oct 44
35 Fighter Group Morotai
39th Fighter 26 P-47 Owi, Schouten, Is
40th Fighter 19 P-47 Morotai
41st Fighter 20 P-47 Morotai
38 Bomb  Group Morotai
405th Bomb 14 B-25 Morotai
71st Bomb 13 B-25 Morotai
823rd Bomb 14 B-25 Morotai
8 Fighter Group Morotai
35th Fighter 17 P-38 Morotai
36th Fighter 17 P-38 Morotai
80th Fighter 18 P-38 Morotai
V Bomber Command B Gen J.V. Crabb
822nd Bomb 16 B-25 Biak, NG
22 Bomb Group Owi, Schouten Islands
19th Bomb 9 B-24 Owi, Schouten, Is
2nd Bomb 9 B-24 Owi, Schouten, Is
33rd Bomb 9 B-24 Owi, Schouten, Is
408th Bomb 9 B-24 Owi, Schouten, Is
345 Bomb Group Biak
498th Bomb 14 B-25 Biak, NG
499th Bomb 14 B-25 Biak, NG
500th Bomb 14 B-25 Biak, NG
501st Bomb 14 B-25 Biak, NG
43 Bomb Group Owi, Schouten Islands
403rd Bomb 9 B-24 Owi, Schouten, Is
63rd Bomb 10 LAB-24 Owi, Schouten, Is
64th Bomb 9 B-24 Owi, Schouten, Is
65th Bomb 9 B-24 Owi, Schouten, Is
90 Bomb Group Biak
319th Bomb 10 B-24 Biak, NG
320th Bomb 10 B-24 Biak, NG
321st Bomb 10 B-24 Biak, NG
400th Bomb 10  B-24 Biak, NG
V Fighter Command B Gen P.B. Wurtsmith
418 Night Fighter Det 5 P-61 Wakde
421st Night Fighter 12 P-61, 5 P-38 Owi, Schouten, Is
547th Night Fighter 12  P-61, 5 P-38 Owi, Schouten, Is
475 Fighter Group Biak
431st Fighter 23 P-38 Biak, NG
432nd Fighter 23 P-38 Biak, NG
433rd Fighter 22 P-38 Biak, NG
49 Fighter Group Biak
7th Fighter 23 P-38 Biak, NG
8th Fighter 23 P-38 Biak, NG
9th Fighter 23 P-38 Biak, NG
85 Fighter Wing Hollandia, NG
RAAF Command AVM W.D. Bostock, RAAF
Australian Eastern Area ACDRE A.M. Charlesworth
No. 107 RAAF Sq  12 Kingfisher St. Georges Basin, NSW
No. 11 RAAF Sq 12 Catalina Rathmines, NSW
No. 15 RAAF Sq 18 Beaufort Camden, NSW
No. 23 RAAF Sq Cadre 12 Vengeance Menangel, NSW
No. 83 RAAF Sq 18 Boomerang Camden, NSW
Australian NE Area Townsville, Qld
No. 12 RAAF Sq 18 Vengeance Straphpine, Qld
No. 21 RAAF Sq 12 Liberator (B-24 J) Leyburn, Qld
No. 32 RAAF Sq. 18 Beaufort Lowood, Qld
No. 7 RAAF Sq. 12 Beaufort Townsville, Qld
No. 84 RAAF Sq Cadre 13 Kittyhawk (P-40 E) Townsville, Qld
No. 86 RAAF Sq Cadre  13 Kittyhawk (P-40 E) Townsville, Qld
No. 9 RAAF Sq 18 Walrus Bowen, Qld
Australian Northern Command ACDRE F.W.F. Lukis
No. 4 RAAF Sq 18 Boomerang Port Moresby, NG
No. 71 RAAF Wing Tadji, NG
No. 100 RAAF Sq 18 Beaufort Tadji, NG
No. 8 RAAF Sq. 18 Beaufort Tadji, NG
No. 75 RAAF Wing Horn Is.
No. 6 RAAF Sq 18 Beaufort Goodenough
No. 7 RAAF Sq. Det 6 Beaufort Horn Is., Qld
Australian NW Area Darwin, NT
No. 1 RAAF Sq 18 Beaufort Gould, NT
No. 31 RAAF Sq 18 Beaufighter 21 Coomalie Creek Strip, NT
No. 87 RAAF Sq 2 Mosquito PR.40 Coomalie Creek Strip, NT
No. 80 RAAF Wing Darwin, NT
No. 452 RAAF Sq 25 Spitfire LF.VIII Strauss Field, NT
No. 457 RAAF Sq 25 Spitfire LF.VIII Livingstone, NT
No. 1 RAAF Wing Darwin, NT
No. 54 RAF Sq 25 Spitfire LF.VIII Darwin, NT
No. 548 RAF Sq 25 Spitfire LF.VIII Darwin, NT
No. 549 RAF Sq 25 Spitfire LF.VIII Darwin, NT
No. 76 RAAF Wing Darwin, NT
No. 20 RAAF Sq 12 Catalina Darwin, NT
No. 42 RAAF Sq 12 Catalina Melville Island
No. 43 RAAF Sq 12 Catalina Darwin, NT
No. 79 RAAF Wing Darwin, NT
No. 13 RAAF Sq 18 Ventura Grove, NT
No. 18 NEIAF  Sq 14 B-25 J, 4 B-25 D Batchelor, NT
No. 2 RAAF Sq 14 B-25 J, 4 B-25 D Darwin, NT
380 Bomb Group Darwin, NT
528th Bomb 12 B-24 Darwin, NT
529th Bomb 13 B-24 Darwin, NT
530th Bomb 13 B-24 Darwin, NT
531st Bomb 13 B-24 Darwin, NT
No. 24 RAAF Sq 12 Liberator (B-24 J) Fenton, NT
No. 72 RAAF Wing Merauke
No. 120 NEIAF Sq 25 P-40 N Marauke
No. 1 NEIAF Sq 8 C-47, 8 C-60 Marauke
Australian Southern Area Melbourne, NSW
No. 67 RAAF Sq 18 Anson Lavertown, Vic
Australian Western Area Pearce, WA
No. 14 RAAF Sq 18 Beaufort Pearce, WA
No. 25 RAAF Sq 18 Vengeance Pearce, WA
No. 85 RAAF Sq 18 Spitfire F.VC Pearce, WA
17th Photo Det 4 F-5 Bouganville
VPB-148 9 PV-1 Emirau
VS-61 15 SBD Mokerang
VPB-130 14 PV-1 Momote Airfield, Los Negros
VPB-44 15 PBY-5A Green Is.
VPB-52 11 PBY-5 Manus, Emirau, Green, Munda
No. 73 RAAF Wing Momote Airfield, Los Negros
No. 79 RAAF Sq 14 Spitfire LF.VIII Momote Airfield, Los Negros
No. 84 RAAF Wing Torokina
No. 5 RAAF Sq 18 Boomerang Torokina
STAG 1 Treasury Island
VK-11 8 TBM-1C/TDC Russell, Island
VK-12 8 TBM-1C /TDC Russell, Island
Marine Air Wing 1 M Gen R. J. Mitchel.l
VMD-254                                                          8 PB4Y-1P Emirau  
Marine Air Group 12 Emirau
VMF-115 21 F4U-1/1D Emirau
VMF-211 21 F4U-1 Emirau
VMF-218 19 F4U-1 Green Is.
VMF-313 19 FG-1/1A Emirau
VMSB-142 20 SBD-6 Emirau
VMSB-243 21 SBD-5 Emirau
Marine Air Group 14 Green Is.
VMF-222 21 F4U Green Is.
VMF-223 21 F4U Torokina
VMF-212 21 F4U Torokina
VMO-251 21 F4U Torokina
VMSB-244 21 SBD-5 Green Is.
Marine Air Group 24 Bouganville
VMSB-133 22 SBD-6 Bouganville
VMSB-236 22 SBD-5 Bouganville
VMSB-341 22 SBD-6 Green Is.
VMSB-241 21 SBD-5 Munda, New Georgia
Marine Air Group 61 Emirau
VMB-413 13 PBJ-1D Munda, New Georgia
VMB-423 11 PBJ-1D Green Is
VMB-433 11 PBJ-1D Emirau
VMB-443 11 PBJ-1D Emirau
New Zealand Air Task Force Gp Captian G.N. Roberts
No. 17 NZAF Sq 18 F4U-1 Bouganville
No. 22 NZAF Sq 18 F4U-1 Bouganville
RNZAF Emirau Emirau
No. 3 NZAF Sq 17 Ventura Emirau
South Pacific Combat Transport Command Torokina
Marine Air Group 25 Torokina
VMR-152 16 R4D Bouganville
VMR-153 16 R4D Bouganville
HQ Royal Australian Air Force Melbourne, Aus
No. 1  RAAF Op Tr Unit 2E Bombers East Sale, Vic 
No. 2  RAAF Op Tr Unit 1E Fighter Williamtown, NSW
No. 3  RAAF Op Tr Unit Flying Boats Rathmines, NSW
No. 5  RAAF Op Tr Unit 2 E Bombers Williamtown, NSW 
No. 7  RAAF Op Tr Unit 11 B-24 D + Tocumwal, NSW
  No. 8  RAAF Op Tr Unit 1 E Fighter Parkes, NSW
Directorate of Air Transport Brisbane, Aus
No. 33 RAAF Sq 18 Dakota Milne Bay, NG
No. 34 RAAF Sq 12 Dakota Parafield, SA
No. 34 RAAF Sq DET A 6 Dakota Higgins Field, Qld
No. 35 RAAF Sq 10 Dakota Guildford, WA
No. 35 RAAF Sq DET A 4 Dakota Brisbane, Qld
No. 35 RAAF Sq DET B 4 Dakota Higgins Field, Qld
No. 36 RAAF Sq  18 Dakota Garbutt, Qld
No. 37 RAAF Sq 17 Lodestar Essendon, Vic
No. 38 RAAF Sq 18 Dakota Richmond, NSW
No. 40 RAAF Sq 3 Mariner, 6 Sunderland Port Moresby, NG
No. 41 RAAF Sq 9 Mariner Cairns, Qld
HQ Netherlands East Indies Air Force Melbourne, Aus

General Arnold's Strategic Air Command

General Arnold's 20th Air Forced remained outside the normal Pacific Command Structure.  The B-29 force was commanded from Washington by the JCS.  General Arnold, the head of the AAF, was its agent.  The XX Bomber Command was operating from China at this time and the XXI Bomber Command was being established in the Marianas.

On Saipan the first B-29 arrived on 12 October, flown in by commanding general of the XXI Bomber Command Brigadier General Hansell. The ground echelons of Brigadier General O'Donnell's 73rd Bomb Wing were already in place. A regular flow of B-29’s was planned at 5 aircraft per day beginning 20 October. Approximately 20 B-29s were operational by 25 October. They were not used in the Battle of Leyte Gulf and flew their first mission against Truk on 28 October and against Japan on 24 November.

U.S Joint Chiefs of Staff Joint Chiefs
20th Air Force General H.H. Arnold
XXI Bomber Command                                   1 B-29 Brig Gen H.S. Hansell
3rd Photo NoAC F-13 Isley Field, Saipan
73 Bomb Wing Isley Field, Saipan
497 Bomb Group Isley Field, Saipan
869th Bomb NoAC B-29 Isley Field, Saipan
870th Bomb NoAC B-29 Isley Field, Saipan
871st Bomb NoAC B-29 Isley Field, Saipan
498 Bomb Group Isley Field, Saipan
873rd Bomb NoAC B-29 Isley Field, Saipan
874th Bomb NoAC B-29 Isley Field, Saipan
875th Bomb NoAC B-29 Isley Field, Saipan
499 Bomb Group   Isley Field, Saipan
877th Bomb NoAC B-29 Isley Field, Saipan
878th Bomb NoAC B-29 Isley Field, Saipan
879th Bomb NoAC B-29 Isley Field, Saipan
500 Bomb Group   Isley Field, Saipan
881st Bomb NoAC B-29 Isley Field, Saipan
882nd Bomb NoAC B-29 Isley Field, Saipan
883rd Bomb NoAC B-29 Isley Field, Saipan